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M8 Bluetooth Touchscreen Smart Watch (White)

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Product details of M8 Bluetooth Touchscreen Smart Watch (White)

Watches never go out of style. It’s an accessory that both men and women can enjoy. Plus, people generally have a need to tell time, and wearing a watch is still a lot easier than reaching for your phone inside the bag. However, now that we live in a technologically-advance era, your watch needs to level up as well.

Have a timepiece and more with this Bluetooth Touchscreen Smart Watch. Being one of the hottest gadgets today, prices of smart watches can be a little steep. But with the Touchscreen Smart Watch, you get more for what you pay. It has the features a standard timepiece has: accurate time and date. But thanks to its Bluetooth v.2 connectivity, it also allows you to connect a compatible smartphone for instant notifications.

Whether it’s a phone call or text, the latest activities on your social media accounts, or a chat message, you’ll see it all on the watch’s 1.48-inch capacitive TFT LCD touchscreen--and it allows you to answer calls hands-free, to boot. With a frequency range of 2.4GHz spectrum, the Bluetooth Watch will notify you of the latest notifications wherever you are--or as long as you’re within reach. Even if you go out of your phone’s Bluetooth’s reach, you’d still be informed as the watch allows you to put an alarm if the connection is cut after a certain distance--perfect for avoiding stolen or lost phones.

Aside from these, the Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch also has an Altitude Meter, Passometer, and Barometer, making it perfect for people of different lifestyles. Furthermore, this accessory is engineered to be as user-friendly as possible. Simply download the BT notification app through the Play Store or an APK file then sync your device and it's good to go.

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Other Features
-Stopwatch function 
-Play the music in your phone (after Bluetooth paring) 
-Sync Phone book/SMS/call history (only for Android phone) 
-Remote taking photo function: You can control your cellphone to take photo from your wrist.

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