Linggo, Setyembre 25, 2016

Mini Bluetooth Speaker (Silver)

Before ₱ 999.00,
You save 70%

Product details of Mini Bluetooth Speaker (Silver)

Amp your music experience with anywhere you go with the AF Mini Digital Bluetooth Speaker. Wired or wireless, it has the connectivity to suit your preference. Grab your Bluetooth capable multimedia player and the Mini Bluetooth Speaker will take care of your audio needs. You can also connect your non Bluetooth gadgets with USB port.

Wireless portability
This handy speaker allows you connect wirelessly and stream your music and movies over the air. Because they're really small, they're very light and easy to carry around. It has a strong signal with working range of up to 10m.

Long hours of play
With a rechargeable battery installed, you get over 3 hours of audio streaming before you plug it again. This large capacity maximizes your music enjoyment.

Efficient option
If Bluetooth isn't quite your cup of tea, it comes with a standard USB and audio cable that you can connect-it saves a lot on the battery this way. The AF Mini Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect companion to the dedicated audiophile or anyone who wants to maximize the use of their gadget.

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